Helensburgh Dorian Choir

Thinking of Joining the Choir?

Here's What to Do:

First, you're welcome to come to a rehearsal or two to make sure we're the Choir for You.

Telephone (01389) 841387 and we'll give you the date and time of the next convenient rehearsal. We'll arrange for you to be met at our rehearsal venue and shown the ropes. We're a very friendly lot so you'll find it easy to fit in.

Our entry requirement is that you can sing a scale and a line of music in tune. If you can read music that will he an advantage and if not you will learn how to do that through practise during rehearsal.


At the end of the first rehearsal we'll introduce you to our Conductor, Matthew Todd, who will ask you to take a brief voice check. This will enable him to ask you to sing in the most suitable section of the Choir for your voice.


We rehearse once a week on Tuesday evenings from late August to December and from January to mid May each year. If you decide to join we ask you to attend all the rehearsals you possibly can. There are of course occasions when this will not be possible and we understand that. The 'Choir' is all of us and we can only sing as the 'Choir' if we're all there.

Practise CDs

A few weeks after the start of rehearsals for a new programme we produce CDs of the musical lines of each section of the Choir. These have proved to be very helpful in rehearsing the music.

So There It Is

Give us a phone on (01389) 841387. We'll be pleased to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Singing Tips

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